Sublime Naturescapes


Attempting to convey the sublime within nature has always been a fascination of mine.  The expression of sublimity intrigues me into capturing moments of beauty, reverence, or possibly even transcendence. This imagery consists of focusing on simple and oftentimes abstract constructions in nature to reveal the beautiful subtleties that are constantly present in our world.  Most of my images are produced with collagraphs, which are plates collaged with assorted materials and then hand printed.  With the aid of the collagraph, I am able to print actual textures such as leaves, bark, or grass.  Therefore in an effort to convey nature, I use nature as the direct source.  Being overwhelmed with the notion of the sublime is the catalyst that drives me to convey a sense of wonderment that many people feel in response to nature – those feelings of joy, peace, contentment that can overtake them when they witness beauty in the natural world.